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Sweet Dream Custom Cakes

My name is Janelle Joyeux and I started Sweetdreams Custom Cakes as a fun side venture out of my home. My motivation came from my Beautiful Daughter. I love the kitchen and I have been it from the age of 7 when my mother bought me my first cook book which I still have to this day. I believe deeply that if you are given a gift from God you should use it to the best of your ability. For years I watched my aunt making beautiful cakes for all occasions and wondered whether I would ever have such skills. I truly enjoy the kitchen and believe it’s the heart of any home. For a while now I thought that cakes were all the same in St.Lucia as it was either stacked cakes (round square etc.) or just simple shaped cakes which are all beautiful by the way. I strongly think that cakes should represent the person or occasion that is being celebrated. After many years of watching food network they featured a chef called Duff Goldman on a show called Ace of cakes and boy my eyes lit up. I couldn’t wait to watch this show every day. I got an idea that maybe just maybe that I can try this. I was scared and worried about even trying it. After posting a few pictures on facebook I got a little more confidence. This now brings me to today. Thanks to all the support of family, friends and wonderful customer I now can make the lives of others a little bright at their special occasions. As of right now all of my cakes are custom made they will have custom pricing.

Custom made cakes

Contact Person: Janelle Joyeux

Address: Corinth Estate, Gros Islet

Telephone: 758-485-6465

Social Media: FaceBook: Sweet Dreams Customs Cakes