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Pepita’s Weddings and Catering

I have always had a passion for Craft and creativity and I enjoy doing things with my hands, it is for this very reason that the kitchen has always been my happy place. I have always had a keen interest in cake baking and decorating. I would often watch my friend Sharon in awe anytime she was baking. Sometimes I would even offer my suggestions and advice, very often she would encourage me to try my hands at cakes. However, it was during my wedding planning when I again sat with Sharon watching my wedding cake take form, I decided that I would dedicate some time to master the art of cake baking. After lots of baking cakes for birthdays and special occasions I decided I needed to take my cake baking one step further. I am one who believes in progress and I decided to get trained in this new and rising cake decorating method, during which I gradually mastered the art of sugar crafting and cake decorating. I am often asked what inspires me. I would have to say that most ideas are formulated in my head first, I think of the customer and I then I start to create a picture in my head. Some customers come in with their own ideas, but I always find a way to make it original, leaving my signature on there. My journey for cake decorating has not always been an easy one, but I am happy and satisfied with how far I have gotten. During my journey I was also able to start up a small catering business, Pepita’s Weddings and Catering.  I find great joy and pleasure in cakes and cake decorating. I love a challenge and the more difficult the cake the more satisfaction I get in the end results. I would dedicate every minute to the project until I have seen the final product, only then would I take the opportunity to breathe and relax. My motivation comes from the hundreds of smiles I see on my customers face. I especially find pleasure in watching little children with their happy and satisfied faces, after seeing that I was able to bring out their favorite scene from a movie or their favorite cartoon character , that in itself is most fulfilling for me. My Journey has not yet come to an end, as I intend to get further training in cake baking and decorating sometime in the near future.

Contact Person: Pepita Emilaire

Address: Paix Bouche, Babbonneau

Telephone: 758-584-7100

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