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Darrell’s Fudge

My Name is Robin Darrell and I spent 12 years working as a purchasing Manager at Club St. Lucia Hotel. After the Hotel closed down, I decided to pursue my passion for cake decorating since I was already into the making and decorating of cakes, but felt I needed.more experience. In 2007 I got an opportunity to go to Chicago as a baby sitter and that is where I also got the opportunity to to do a cake decorating course with Wilton Industries. I spent six months in chicago and got my self certified with wilton.

Upon returning to St Lucia I started making cakes but it was not as profitable as I expected, but i kept persevering knowing that one day my dreams of owning a successful cake business would be accomplished. So I decided to seek employment and applied to a decor company in 2009 where I was hired as a Purchasing Officer with the company. Within that company was a fudge department and I soon got interested in learning how to make fudge, and thinking that this would mesh in well with my cake business.

After two years of doing purchasing the company decided to reshuffle and I was transferred to the fudge department where I received training on how to make the fudge since my boss realized I was very skillful, and so he also used me to do catering on a small scale for the company when we had small functions  or meetings.

Very soon I was not trained to make fudge, but I started doing more administrative function and in a very short space of time I was running the department on my own.  Then one day the idea of starting my own fudge business came to me since I had so much experience and I had started to experiment and change methods and the quality of the fudge. So I started purchasing my own equipment one piece at a time.

After working for four years with the company the fudge department closed down and I lost my job, but luckily I had already started buying my equipment to open my own fudge business. It took me three years to start my own fudge business and today I am in production not on a large scale but I am looking forward to and have the expectation that one day I will export my product.

Product Name: Handmade fudge | Locally made fudge specially packaged for weddings

Contact Person: Robin Darell

Address: Piat, Grand-Riviere, Gros Islet, P.O.Box 5005

Telephone: 758-722-2833


Ingredients: sugar, milk, butter, salt, rum, chocolate, almonds, molasses