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The musical command 8va – an abbreviation of the Italian ‘ottava’ (octave) – is an indication to play an octave higher than written
I craftily combined 8va and the pronunciation ‘ottava’ to create both a brand and a promise that the symphony of art, music and color will be combined boldly on one of a kind pieces for my 8ttava supporters.

8ttava blossomed from summertime boredom, a desperate urge to revamp pre-worn pieces in my closet and simply running out of canvas. Painting on canvas is my true passion, but I could not always afford to buy canvas and it was almost impossible to get my pieces sold. I seemed to have no trouble finding clothing to paint on from my very own wardrobe!

After receiving many compliments about my hand-painted pieces, I decided to market a few of them to my friends and the business grew from there. Thank you for stopping by to see what I have to offer.

I challenge myself every single day to come up with innovative concepts. No two pieces are exactly alike, so if you own an 8ttava piece, you inadvertently joined a legion of stylish, trendsetters who are unafraid to be LOUD!

Category: Apparel

Product Description: PaintedFabric/Hand crafted Jewelry

Manufactured by: Kimberly Mathurin, San Souci, Castries

Telephone: 7584518213/7582850313


Social Media: Facebook: 8ttava, Instagram: @8ttava